Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry Services offered IN Ridgewood, NJ
Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry services offered in Ridgewood, NJ

Life is full of unexpected moments that can pose a detriment to one’s health, but the compassionate staff at Advanced Dental Care of Ridgewood have you covered. Robert A. Scherrer, DMD, and the team offer a safe, clean office for emergency dentistry in Ridgewood, New Jersey, to help manage life’s sudden curveballs. For a timely appointment, call the office today. For less urgent concerns, you can book through the online portal also. 

Emergency Dentistry Q&A

What is emergency dentistry?

Accidents and sudden causes for concern can happen at any moment. Emergency dentistry services provide relief from immediate symptoms and alleviate the problem through personalized treatment. 

Services vary depending on your unique circumstance. Emergency dentistry may entail minimally invasive quick fixes to remedy a problem, such as replacing dental equipment. Sometimes, the team must perform the most invasive operations, like surgery, to solve an issue.

Rest assured that you’re in exceptional, well-trained hands at Advanced Dental Care of Ridgewood. The welcoming team springs into action upon your arrival to address concerns and provide a healthy smile.

How do I know I need emergency dentistry?

There are several reasons to seek out emergency dental services. For example, sports-related injuries are one of the largest contributors to an emergency procedure, as these typically result in broken or missing teeth. In addition to damaged teeth, common reasons to seek emergency dental care may include the following:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Headaches that increase in intensity and duration
  • Constant clicking in the jaw
  • Jaw and tooth pain
  • Damage to braces and other dental equipment
  • Pus in the gums

It’s always best to seek immediate medical assistance if you’re unsure about the urgency of a situation. Calling the Ridgewood, New Jersey office is the most secure way to schedule an immediate appointment and assess your concern with a professional. In cases of extreme emergency and outside of business hours, contact your local hospital. 

How can I prevent a need for emergency dentistry?

It’s not always possible to mitigate an accident. There are steps you can take to reduce your risk factors. 

Adopting regular and frequent hygienic practices ensures healthy teeth and gums. You should aim to brush and floss at least twice daily. Additionally, a balanced diet promotes strong health overall.

Mouthguards are helpful if you find yourself grinding your teeth while sleeping. This protective equipment also helps prevent damage during high-impact activities like sports.

Last, visiting the dentist every six months for a check-up and cleaning provides useful information from a dental professional. This helps monitor and safeguard your oral health from prominent infection and gum disease. 

Learn more about how emergency dentistry best serves you by calling the Ridgewood, New Jersey office today or booking with the online reservation tool.